When the mood needs energising, a saxophone can really do wonders...

Here, I can bring your guests to have a bubbly experience, boogying to a vivacious list of songs across genres ranging from pop, jazz, rock, reggae, and many more! 



 We have all felt a room go uncomfortably quiet before, right?...


Not when I’m there!

Having easy-listening music which can be heard for guests to enjoy,

and also so all can buy a drink, chat to others and to mostly - Have an unforgettable time! 


Be it for the Ceremony, or for the dances, it would be my duty to make these moments even more special, adding a spirited and smoky sound from the saxophone that flips your favourite songs into a rare instrumental rendition.

If I can help with visioning this experience, I would be more than happy to record and send a personal version of any requested song on the saxophone directly to you!

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