For me, there is nothing else that compares to how I feel about music.

I have a vivid memory of being introduced to 3 albums at the age of 9:

At 14, I had what some may call an 'emo phase', regularly listening from: 

  • Classic Rock - AC/DC, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin etc...

  • To classic metal - Summed up mostly by the 'The Big Four' - Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth (the band Dave Mustaine didn't get kicked out of)...

  • To Pop-Punk - Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, Kids In Glass Houses...

Within these years, I felt that the saxophone was the

least coolest instrument in the world...

obviously didn't pay enough attention to the '80s...

Once my Secondary (or 'High' for all the non-British folk) school, it became strikingly obvious that music was my muse.


Beginning my journey of further & higher education, attending Exeter college at 16 and University of Westminster at 18, I met many close friends who have exposed me to music I would have never wanted to listen to...perhaps I was a little stubborn too.

At 21, I graduated my undergraduate degree.

As you can see, I was incredibly content with everything this

experience give me...


Joking aside, here I met many amazing people, learned a lot, and had a time which money has no question.

Then, reality.


Since then, I have been busy developing myself as a working musician, professionally performing/recording/teaching on Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard as well as teaching upon songwriting and music theory.

I also managed to graduate a Masters Degree in Popular Music Performance at the end of 2019, and am currently aspiring to begin my PhD in Popular Music Performance

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